This splendid work is made up of both antique parts and restoration work by Francesco Antonio Franzoni in 1788. The sculptor assembled the antique pieces of the chariot and one of the horses, then carved a second horse (the one on the left) and brought back to life a sculpture which can be considered as one of his masterpieces. The body of the chariot was used as the episcopal throne in the church of St Mark in Rome from at least 1516; it remained in the church until 1771 when it was given to Pope Clement XIV. On the outside of the chariot the lively decoration with poppies and ears of wheat is analogous with other figurative works from the Augustan period, such as the decoration of the Ara Pacis. Inside the chariot, at the centre, is the image of the Agyieus, the tapered column which is the iconic image of Apollo Agyieus, the protector of the streets.

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