Virgin Gorda – Copper Mine

The mine was constructed in 1837 and its first shaft was sunk in 1838. In two separate periods over the next 24 years, 36 Cornish miners extracted copper ore from this site with the aid of some 140 British Virgin Islands workmen.

The ore was sent by road to Spanish Town (the largest settlement and harbor on Virgin Gorda) along coppermine road (originally built by the miners), and then by ship to Wales. On the return trip the ships would carry provisions, wood for construction, wages for the workers, and coal with which to power the copper mine’s steam engine.

The mine was abandoned in 1862 and was never reopened.

IMG_0954IMG_0950IMG_0949IMG_0947IMG_0945IMG_0943 IMG_0946IMG_0944 IMG_0941IMG_0934

(History courtesy Wikipedia)

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