Mappy Hour: “What’s across the Ocean from You when You’re at the Beach?”

More maps! What could be better?

Seasonal applicability, that’s what.

As a contrast to our more typical random interest in intriguing maps, this post features cartographic insight that’s particularly applicable in August, the last month to fit in some beach time during summer vacation.

Ever wonder what’s out there when you gaze out at the ocean while laying out at the beach? Of course not! You just want to relax, not answer asinine questions.

Nonetheless, the friendly folks at The Washington Post‘s Wonkblog have now answered this question that no one was asking (but that we now find intriguing).

Here’s a quick view of the East Coast:

Across the Ocean

Boston – home to a record-breaking 110.6 inches of snow this season – is across from . . . balmy Spain. Who knew? The other maps present additional perspectives, both globally and by continent (and the West Coast).

The full article is available here. The coolest figure provides the “across the ocean” view for the entire Western Hemisphere:


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