Mappy Hour: Ben Carson’s America and Other Hilarious Maps

The Washington Post today reported on an awkward cartographic flub on a map of the U.S. by Carson’s staff. The graphic was meant to identify the states whose governors are opposing immigration by Syrian refugees. Not sure whether this goal was achieved, but we did learn from Dr. Carson’s new geography that:

  • Maine has invaded Canada,
  • “Vermont and New York now have hundreds of miles of new beachfront property,”and
  • Massachusetts apparently wants to be much closer to the Canucks up north, as well.

Carson America

Carson’s poorly assembled jigsaw map of the states was only mildly humorous. The far funnier element of the article is this link at the end to “27 hilariously bad maps that explain nothing” compiled by Vox. The absolute best of the bunch is this Aussie’s attempt at labeling American states:

Aussie Map



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2 thoughts on “Mappy Hour: Ben Carson’s America and Other Hilarious Maps

  1. sandra werner

    Very funny, but can the Aussie one be enlarged, making it legible?


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